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    02 Jul '07
    02 Sep '07 03:49
    Clay Buchholz, rookie pitcher for the Red Sox in in his second game, just pitched a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles. With Buchholz being a rookie, he didn't shake off any of Varitek's signs, and with Buchholz throwing everything right where Varitek wanted, that allowed Varitek the dream of calling a fantastic game. Buchholz mowed the opposition down with his blazing... change-up?!

    That's right, Varitek just kept calling off-speed pitch after off-speed pitch in the critical situations and Buchholz responded with change-ups and curveballs that were beauties. When a pitcher can throw those pitches for strikes at will on a 3-2 count like the game against Baltimore, what is a batter to do? Nothing. They are at the mercy of Red Sox Nation.

    Thumbs up to Pedroia for making a fantastic dive and throw to first base to keep the no-hitter alive in the 7th inning ( i think )