1. This is embarrasking
    17 Nov '05
    07 Sep '07 22:55
    Wade Wilson Quarterback coach for the Dallas Cowboys suspended five games for Steroids for his actions before becoming a coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I am not a supporter for steroid use in Athletics, but steroids do have a genuine medical purpose when treating patients for certain medical issues. A coach is not a player and he was not using at the time he was with the Cowboys. In fact he had stopped because he found the drug not to help him with the sugar levels he was trying to control, which was the reason for using the drug in the first place. He has been suffering with for over 20 years and claims he was only trying to improve his quality of life. NOT for any competitive advantage. He was also fined 100,000 dollars. It seems players who have been using these drugs have been given mush less punishment. Is this too stiff of a punishment in this case. Or is there much more to this story? Were the Bears being issued HDH? Discuss.
  2. Account suspended
    24 Jul '04
    11 Sep '07 03:32
    What a joke to think a coach is not giving HGH to players. The NFL players and 50 pounds bigger than they were in the 70s and people make believe HGH and steriods are a baseball problem. If Tony LaRussa (or some otehr baseball manager) was caught with performance enhancing drugs no one would even consider that it had a legitimate medical purpose.