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Sports Forum

Sports Forum

  1. 13 Sep '08 10:39
  2. 13 Sep '08 10:40
    i meant world wrestling entertainment
  3. 13 Sep '08 11:08
    Undertaker rules!
  4. 13 Sep '08 11:35
  5. 13 Sep '08 12:57
    but is it a SPORT!?
  6. 13 Sep '08 15:09
    Originally posted by spurs73
    but is it a SPORT!?
  7. 14 Sep '08 00:15
  8. 15 Sep '08 11:38
    Originally posted by spurs73
    but is it a SPORT!?
    Not really but it does have entertainment in it and sports are supposed to entertain aren't they? But anyway what category is it under If we are talking ameture wrestling?

    "That is the question, and a very good quaestion at that" Dr Splitius Atomus for the planet Testubia
  9. 17 Sep '08 08:17
    blb bla
  10. 17 Sep '08 14:10
    The definition of "sport": an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition. Therefore, wrestling is not sport because it is not a competition since the outcome is known in advance.
  11. 17 Sep '08 21:48
    It is some sort of "guys only" soap opera...
  12. 20 Sep '08 07:26
    there are ladies who wrestle the are called divas. and also to the other guy not all sports are competitive and they are called sports. running going for a run is not competative but it is still a sport. and also you have to be phissiacly fit who watch them on the tv they do sweat