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    26 Dec '07
    05 Oct '12 02:111 edit
    In case anyone missed it, the Yankees had a gutty September.

    After being burned by that hideous call that cost them an enormous pennant race game in Baltimore (http://tinyurl.com/8v8vtyp) rather than using it (along with injuries to Tex, A-Rod, Jeter, CC, Pettitte, Mariano and Gardner) as an excuse, all they did was go 17-6 down the stretch after that game including a 5-2 record against the O's, A's and Rays who were the other three hottest teams in the league in that stretch.

    Now, I get it. The Yankees have a high payroll. But if the A's and O's and Nats and Rays etc.deserve so much credit for how they played down the stretch, surely the team that went 17-6 after having lost a 10 game lead in the division to wrap up the #1 seed in the league in spite of a higher than average injury toll deserves at least some credit, eh?