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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 14 May '03 01:10
    Everyone is waiting for Mannuel and Powermonger to complete their games in Group 13, but both seem to have left the site.

    The last move either of them made in any of their games was on April 26th. Neither have the vacation setting on.

    The games should have been timed out long ago (the automatic time out is obviously not working) and round two should have already started.

    It's especially annoying when you consider that neither player had any chance of qualifying for Round 2.


  2. Standard member Jira
    15 May '03 14:09
    David, send msg to Chrismo ..
    I'm sure he will do the necessary ..😛
  3. 15 May '03 15:32
    The first round is now complete 🙂

    Powermonger has finally claimed on time the two games against Mmanuel.

    All we need now is for Chris or Russ to notice and start the next round!