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    Re: Baker Invitational Tournament-1400 Division

    Posted by Schliemann [16 October 2002 14:00]

    And as for the next round...the bye will actually drop down to the
    winner of the misslead - Alley Crime match...cause in effect bbarr is
    actually getting a bye this round due to gbgnils leaving.

    I never said this would be perfect...I have never played in a tourney
    that was.


    This was the promise that started the problems. I beat Misslead and
    expected the promise made by the TD to be honoured. As you know
    Dave has his problems and a new TD was "elected" He decided to give
    the bye to another player. Although no other "mistakes" that Dave
    may or may not have made have been addressed. I complained that
    basically a promise is a promise and i had already made plans tied in
    with not playing until Round 4. Of course being a small non important
    player i was brushed aside but offered a sweetener "That i would not
    lose by TO" to compensate for my plans. I have reflected about this
    and would like to decline the sweetener/bribe call it what you will. I
    complain very much about the refusal to grant me what was promised
    by the original TD but i wish to play any remaining games on level
    terms. My opponents have certainly gained out of the new decision but
    they are not to blame. I will lose if they outplay me, which given their
    much superier rating is likely but i will play them fairly. Others may
    have cheated me but i wish to play in the spirit of the game. If i may
    misquote George Orwell " On RHP everyone is created equal, some
    are just more equal than others. Luckily I have one friend on the site
    who will keep me in contact with my games via mobile telephone when
    I am not able to get online. I trust this will be acceptable
    Alley Crime
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    29 Nov '02 21:01
    I signed up for the tourny because I wanted to play. I won't mind if
    Alley Crime gets a bye this round. If he made vacation plans based
    upon the post he cites above, then it seems the fair thing to do.
    Tenebr8 got a first round bye I believe, I got a de facto second round
    bye after gbgnils' departure from the site, why not give Alley Crime a
    bye this round?
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    29 Nov '02 21:58
    You are a true sportsman - it is kind of you to acknowledge my
    position. However Tim and I have started our games and changing the
    new decision (however flawed it is) just opens a new can of worms. You
    can rest and give the winner two interesting chess lessons. Once again
    thank you for being a gentleman
    Yours in chess