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Tournaments Forum

  1. 06 Nov '02 09:15
    For those who are waiting for the second round in the 1500 division.
    My opponent Weller is on vacation until 18/11. I'm not sure we can
    finish the game this month. Sorry about the delay.
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 12:23
    Hate to break it to you...and him...if I read this correctly...then that is
    the 18th of November...which today being the 6th is 12 days...7 day
    TO's are part of the deal in this tourney.

    KO TD
  3. 06 Nov '02 12:58
    As TD would you disqualify someone for not claiming a TO then?
  4. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 13:11 is claimed regardless...the game can be finished if the people
    like just for their own enjoyment.

    Everyone knew that TO's were strictly enforced in this one when they
    signed up.

  5. 06 Nov '02 13:30
    Gosh, that seems harsh if both players are happy not claiming.
    Who "claims it regardless"? Since the event started all those months
    ago someone must have been away for longer than 7 (or 9) days how
    many games have been lost in this manner?
    Still the rules are the rules and we agreed to them as you say. May i
    ask a question, please? As the tourney will last at the very minimum
    well over a year that would imply that whoever takes their annual
    vacation first will automatically lose, is that right? Or do i have to take
    my laptop to the Seychelles next year.
  6. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 13:49
    We have already had one game end this way.

    As for annual applies for grab a laptop..get to a
    library or a bank or someplace else that has internet access and get
    your moves in.

    Tournaments do not always show who is the strongest..but sometimes
    who is the most resourceful.

    KO TD
  7. 06 Nov '02 14:10
    Thank you Dave.
    i am not sure i can afford a laptop, but i will think of a cunning plan
    should my holiday in paradise clash with my 2nd round match.
    take care Janey xx
  8. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 18:57
    Wait a told all of us that you have one...that when you
    get positions from your teacher you don't even have to get out of bed
    because you have a laptop.

    I will find that post if you like.

  9. 06 Nov '02 19:20
    If you're taking a week of vacation, what's wrong with asking your
    opponent to wait 3 or 4 days before moving. Thus, extending the 7
    day TO until after you return. I'm sure most all tourney players on
    here would be more than happy to oblige seeing assuming they would
    all appreciate the same courtesy when their vacation rolled around.

    BTW, I think Dave is right about the laptop thing:

    Re: Positions

    Posted by Miss Take [13 September 2002 07:39]

    My chess coach is the great Sintubin #1 player on this site;
    Such is the beauty of the game and with the technological advances
    he can teach me while i lay in bed.
    Oh the wonders of a laptop

  10. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 19:26
    Well put...this is my thinking as well.

    And thanks for finding that post Ash....makes you wonder about
    things doesn't it...hmmmm.

  11. 07 Nov '02 02:04
    Hmm is right.
  12. 06 Nov '02 21:52
    Doh! Never heard of a sense of humour? Strange from a nation that
    voted for George W
  13. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    06 Nov '02 22:26
    since the tourney started I've been in 7 different countries on holiday
    or with work. it's not easy or always possible but so far I've always
    found a way eg. at the moment I'm in the US, knew there'd be no net
    cafes, so I bribed the IT girl for her laptop for 10 days so I could
    move. What I bribed her with is secret ;o)
  14. 06 Nov '02 17:03
    I don't think its fair to claim a timeout if the guy's on vacation.
  15. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    06 Nov '02 18:59
    The only way to avoid it without going against what we stated at the
    begiining of the to politely ask your opponent to wait
    to make their move say 6 days after the one you just made...and
    then that gives you 13 days.