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  1. 06 Dec '04 15:20 / 1 edit
    Hiya & thanks for reading my thread!

    I noticed that the Alpha Hardcore Rookie Dual has finished & would like to say congratulations to the winner - fckallie!

    He actually knocked me out (I think if I remember correct) & beat me fair & square - so this isn’t a whinge…

    However, as I sat around bored at work today I had a nose at fckallie’s profile. He has won a few tourneys & good luck to him.

    So, here’s my confusion (I am sure that there is an explanation I am just trying to learn about the site) The Battle of Midway IV a 1200 – 1400 tourney that finished 2004-05-08 (he won).

    The Alpha Hardcore Rookie Dual (max 1250) was a mid range tourney too. Yet if I am reading it right? In fckallie’s profile the lowest rating he ever is 2027 in 2 sept 04.

    So… how did he even enter the tourneys?

    Like I say he is obviously a good player & this is not a gripe aimed at him – I am just trying to understand what’s going on here a bit better – it’s not personal!

    Can anyone explain what I am missing?

  2. Standard member Gatecrasher
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    06 Dec '04 15:24
    You are missing his early games. The graph only gives the last 300 games. He has played over 700.

  3. 06 Dec '04 15:25
    I was canned in a tournament by a provisional star 1200+ who by the end of the tournament had a rating of 1700+. There should be something set up in the tournies that would go off a highest rating in the last 60 days before they can enter a tourney.

    And no provisionals should be able to enter!

  4. Standard member Ragnorak
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    06 Dec '04 15:33
    Fckallie beat me in the final of that tournie, and I posted here that neither of the two of us belonged in that tournie, but we had both just joined and had provisional ratings within the specified limits.

    Russ has fixed this, so it shouldn't happen again.

    Check out this thread....

  5. 06 Dec '04 15:45
    Cool thx - just curious.