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Tournaments Forum

  1. 27 Dec '09 22:37
    Not sure what to do about this.

    The above was a sponsored tournament in which the winner was to receive a trophy from the All African Pawn Stars clan lead by Antoine. I won this tournament way back in July. I have not received any trophy from them/Antoine. I've sent my address details a couple of times now along with many messages to Antoine. It's very rare i get a reply from him. He says it had been sent and will send another one. As yet i have got nothing.

    Not that bothered about not getting the trophy its more the principle of the thing. It seems like they/Antoine are not coming up with the goods offered. Puts me off entering any other sponsored tournaments on here if this is what happens. Do i need to report this and if so then who to?

    Any help/advice will be gratefully received.