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  1. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    16 Oct '02 04:10
    tenebr8 vs T1000

    gbgnils vs bbarr

    misslead vs Alley Crime

    Good Luck to all

    KO TD
  2. 16 Oct '02 04:14
    Dave, gbgnils hasn't made a move since the start of August and has
    no current games underway.

    The Squirrel Lover
  3. 16 Oct '02 04:29
    How were the pairings chosen? John said in a post that they were done
    on the basis of ratings. So in the top section the 4 players left in had
    ratings of :-

    Sintubin 1906
    Schliemann 1828
    Knightmare_NJ 1788
    Wwarrior 1734

    giving the pairings:-

    Sintubin (1) vs Wwarrior (4)
    Schliemann (2) vs Knightmare_NJ (3)

    In the 1400s section the players left in are:-

    tenebr8 1494
    T1000 1467
    Gbgnils 1435
    Bbarr 1430
    Misslead 1412
    Alley Crime 1401

    and the pairings are
    tenebr8 (1) vs T1000 (2)
    gbgnils (3) vs Bbarr (4)
    Misslead (5) vs Alley Crime (6)

    and a different method appears to have been used. I don't mind who
    I play, am glad to have just scraped past my first match (and would in
    fact love to play against The Dark Squire himself!) but should there
    perhaps be consistency? How were the pairings chosen?

    The Squirrel Lover
  4. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    16 Oct '02 04:46
    Mark are you referring to this post? "Re: Baker Invitational
    Tournament-1400 Division

    Posted by vaknso [16 October 2002 02:29]

    Tony, Yes it is based on original rating. Remember, Most of us here at
    Red Hot Pawn have jobs. Playing chess is what we do for enjoyment.
    Orchestrating a Tournament is what we like to do. Please give Dave
    time to do the pairing. I know he was at work today.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
    Ps: It is Dave's tournament. I'm sure he is not dragging his feet on
    this. He reserved the pairing for himself because he knows the rules
    better than myself. "

    Look closely at my last sentence. gbgnils may not have made a move
    since august, but he has not resigned fromthe tournament and we
    have to assume he is still in it. If he does not move in timeout time
    he will lose by TO.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational

  5. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    16 Oct '02 05:01
    Pairings are running concurrent with how I set it up to begin with.

  6. Donation bbarr
    Chief Justice
    16 Oct '02 05:46
    bbarr vs. gbgnils has begun, the game #'s are 118752 & 118751.
    Apparently he hasn't moved in quite some time. Has anyone here
    spoken with him recently?

  7. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    16 Oct '02 14:42
    Game numbers noted. I'll see if I have gbgnils e-mail at home. If I
    do i will send him e-mail and let his know round two has started and
    he has 7 days to make his first move. Send him e-mail also from the
    e-mail opponent option in your game.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  8. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    17 Oct '02 01:52
    See his post from some time ago concerning:

    Although I do think he has posted in the forums, though not played,

  9. 17 Oct '02 22:56
    Lyn(with a big L).
  10. 17 Oct '02 22:57
    Lyn(with a big L).
  11. 16 Oct '02 18:00
    Would it be ok,if Alley and I agreed two draws and went to the decider.
  12. 16 Oct '02 18:43
    Lyn, if you offer them i would happily accept your drawers
  13. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    16 Oct '02 19:39
    Although unethical I cannot stop you from doing that.

  14. 16 Oct '02 19:56
    Dave unethical is too strong a word to use here.
  15. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    16 Oct '02 21:35
    Pre arranged draws are a very serious infraction of the rules in any
    FIDE or USCF tourney and the people would be disqualified.

    I was just letting you know is unethical.