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Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    11 Dec '02 14:41
    Roy, I need your games against vacostner started before Saturday. I
    see you are at your game limit. Anyway you can resign two of them
    and start one black and one white seven day timeout and rated. If
    you are unable to do this let me know at or in the
    tournament forum. John Acting TD Baker Invitational
  2. 13 Dec '02 09:26
    sorry - will try and get that done today....
  3. 13 Dec '02 10:31
    Originally posted by roydhenderson
    sorry - will try and get that done today....
    Thanks, Roy. Will you post the numbers in the forum?
  4. 16 Dec '02 06:32
    Just in case it hasn't been noted, our games are numbered:


    Good Luck royd!
  5. 16 Dec '02 10:35
    Thank you for the game numbers. I already mentioned them in the
    game overview.
  6. 16 Dec '02 18:11
    Sorry, saw it after I posted our game numbers.😛