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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 12 Sep '02 03:17
    Fexkorn has timed out in both his Baker Invitational games against
    me. It's too bad, they looked like they were going to get pretty
  2. Donation vaknsoonline
    The Ambassador
    12 Sep '02 03:29
    I copy result of jqvaccaro vs fexkorn 2-0. Game results noted. Keep
    checking the tournament forum for the start of round two. If I have
    your e-mail I will try to notify you also by e-mail. Round two for your
    division will start as soon as allround one games are completed.
    Assistant Td Bakert Invitational
  3. Donation fexkorn
    12 Sep '02 16:05
    Yes, they were both going down to the wire. Sorry I let them
    go...Good luck in the rest of your games.