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  1. Donationvaknso
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    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    03 Nov '02 21:04
    This is a general summary of the tournament standing:
    Top Division: Roun two in progress
    1600 Division: Bessyboo vs koos and Bobby Fisher vs tonytiger are
    still fighting it out.
    1500 Division: Amnell and weller still at their games.
    1400 Division: In round two T1000 is playing against tenebr8. All other
    games are completed.
    1300 Division:Round one, Two games still in progress here. Danforth
    vs belgianfreak playing their second tie-breaker and richjohnson and
    shougi are battling their first tow games of the round.
    1200 Division: Round one games and will be starting their round two
    games as soon as the pairing is posted.
    1100 Division: Round one, Mommyof towjps is still fighting with her
    husband chester 97. Zander and roydhenderson still have a game to
    1000 Division: Round one and round two games completed and Dant,
    1000 Division Champion has a long wait to the Championship Round.

    I have updated my web site with the latest tournament information.
    Thanks Julia for the help with this. You can view it
    Please let me know if you find any errors.

    Other infromation: Novaboy was awarded a timeout against Iain.
    Jakatsavras accepted the timeout claimed against him by Overbassj.

    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  2. Standard memberSchliemann
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    22 Jun '01
    03 Nov '02 21:31
    Great job John!!

    KO TD