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  1. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    14 Oct '02 18:00
    Happenings in the tournament. Top division has completed it's first
    round and has been paired for the second round. Schliemann and
    Knightmare NJ have started their games. 1600 Division, Bessyboo vs
    koos and Bobby Fisher vs tonytiger are still in progress in round one
    here. 1500 Division, All games completed with the exception of the
    Amnell vs weller game. 1400 Division, Misslead and Dr. Brain are still
    fighting their tie-breaker in round one. 1300 Division, Several round
    one wars still being waged. Pawnking vs maggoteer, Danforth vs
    Belgianfreak, Richjohnson vs shougi. 1200 Division, Novaboy vs Iain
    are still at it in their round one games. 1100 Division, Roung one
    games still in progress are: jakatsavras vs Overbassj, Mommyoftwojps
    still fighting with her husband Chester97. 1000 Division, Division
    Chambion Dant is patiently waiting for the Championship round.
    I invite you to check out Maggoteers Tournament site at:
    and my tournament page at :
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    information here or e-mail me at

    Assistant TD Baker Invitational