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  1. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    22 Oct '02 15:28
    The tournament will continue. Anyone with the intention of having the
    tournament come to a screaching halt because they resign their
    games and leave the sight is wrong.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  2. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    22 Oct '02 15:29
  3. 22 Oct '02 17:40
    john,i don't know if this is aimed at me,but i completed two
    games,lost both.and wished my opponant good luck.
    That is hardly the behavior of someone trying to bring the tournament
    to a halt.
  4. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    22 Oct '02 18:42
    Wow, that was swift... Did you guys manage to get on line at the same
    time & slug it out in 1 sitting? (just wondering, because I thought that
    might work).
    I'm no analyst, but I did enjoy going through #119753 - that was a
    tough one & I thought you were doing OK until it went wrong. Which
    means I would have lost too I guess.
    Thanks for playing the games... I know you didn't do it for me or
    anyone else, but I appreciate it anyway. I hope you enjoyed them too,
    at least a little,
  5. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    22 Oct '02 23:31
    Yes it was aimed at you. I misconstrued the information i got
    from this post :
    (Re: 1400 - Pointless Now

    Posted by belgianfreak [22 October 2002 10:57]

    Janey, that's a little rude don't you think?... we all try to muddle on in
    English here (with an occasional Flemish lapse). I doubt very many
    people here speak Welsh and for all we know you've just instulted
    us... I know you haven't, but do you get the idea?
    And why is the 1400's pointless? Sorry to be dim, but I never worked
    out what the problem was. I picked up that Alley & misslead didn't
    want to play each other, but never understood why... is it something to
    do with Alley leaving? What's wrong with the other games? I klnow
    tenebr8 & T1000 will make excellent matches...)
    and eroniously misunderstood you resigning all your games and
    changing your profile to read "gone".
    My apology.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational

  6. 23 Oct '02 07:22
    Now i feel very guilty. there was nothing rude in my post by the way, i
    chose to use Welsh to say goodbye to misslead knowing Lyn would
    read it. If i ever thought that Lyn would be attacked and insulted just
    because Belgiumfreak objected to a language other than English,
    Dutch or Flemish (all used in the forums) i would not have posted in
    that way. It is nice of you to apologize though John. We can all be
    wrong, sometimes
  7. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    23 Oct '02 12:52
    It was objected to because you decided to use ENGLISH "1400-
    Pointless Now" in your title which showed that you were showing
    animosity and then your text was in a FOREIGN language...which
    showed that you were trying to hide what you had to say.

    I for one was offended just by the title...regardless of what was said
    after...which could have only been worse.

  8. 23 Oct '02 13:47
    I Love You
  9. 23 Oct '02 18:05
    That title gave only Janey's way of expressing perhaps a disappointment. That is not creating animosity. And no reason to be
    offended. Everybody can disagree or not. No rude language, no accusation, only free expression (the purpose of the forums).

    Others have been using non-English language before, either as a joke, or as a comment directed to a particular person (who
    would understand). Before concluding that this is hiding something, you could have asked what it means. I believe you know by

    The fact that you denote something you don't understand as 'which could have been only worse' says more about your mindset
    than about the message.
  10. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    23 Oct '02 18:38
    I agree with what you say about free expression. Janey posted; I
    thought that maybe it would hurt some peoples feelings or annoy
    people that they didn't know what was being said (you must admit,
    the title was at least a little inflamitory), so I suggested that maybe
    she could have used a different style. That was my free expression,
    without bad language & I was trying to make it clear that I didn't think
    she was saying anything nasty, just that it could be concidered rude. I
    guess I was hoping for Janey to respond with a translation and an
    explanation of why she felt that way - If I was a better diplomat I
    would have worded it differently, but I'm not so I appologuise if my
    words made things worse... I was honestly only trying to keep the
    nb. Janey, thanks for the translation. I do love the sound of Welsh,
    but Llath is the only word I (think I) know, and that's because it's
    plastered all over the roads.
  11. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    23 Oct '02 19:26
    My "mindset" about the message was the fact that she refered to the
    1400 division as "pointless" I think the others that are in that
    division do not feel that way...and for a person who is not even in that
    division to make a comment like that I find to be rude and insensitive
    to the people who are not complaining and are just playing their

  12. 23 Oct '02 19:40
    Dave,thanks for your email.
    Now i know.
    Maybe Janey was suffering from the same thing you said i suffered
  13. 23 Oct '02 18:53
    I have been telling my opponants that i wont be renewing games as
    they finish,because i'm taking a break from playing.
    Yes, i agree,John,about the profile,so i have changed it now.
    Best wishes to you all,Lyn.
  14. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    22 Oct '02 18:34
    just because you're leaving there's no need for flaming or bad
    language or direct insults. John may have insinuated something, but
    he mentioned no names and you can make of it as you wish.

    Anyway, could you please explain to me (calmly) where the origional
    problem came from... personally I LIKE playing my friends, and in a
    tournement it would just make it a more intense game..
  15. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    22 Oct '02 19:31
    There was no insult to anyone that I could see...just seems like a few
    people are not happy with the way things have turned out.

    And due to this I personally will have nothing to do with organizing or
    helping run another tourney on here.

    I can now see where the gripe was...after I made the original pairings
    I didn't notice that Michael had not put them in the exact order that
    they were originally in all of the divisions...and I was just going by his

    I said it would not be perfect...and obviously I made a mistake by
    letting this slip by. But there is NO reason to call John names. He has
    done nothing wrong and has done a tremendous service without any
    compensation for this tourney.