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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    27 Jul '02 23:45
    The new tournament is referred to the Baker Invitational although it is
    an open tournament. Dave like the sound of "Baker Invitational:.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    27 Jul '02 23:49
    Yeah I did...but Michael already changed hoo.

    Oh need to put Michael through any more work changing it

    Captain USA
  3. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    27 Jul '02 23:57
    Actually, I liked the sound of "Baker Invitational" better than "Baker
    Open" too. But I thought that John was correct in that it was more an
    open tournament than an invitiational.
    Of course we could argue that its an invitiational since its limited to
    members of the RHP community. And it was Dave that invited us to

    What do you think? Go back to "Invitiational"?
    That is VERY little work, I can handle that!

  4. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    28 Jul '02 00:03
    Invitational sounds more special than Open.

    Not to much of a prob than do it...other wise leave it.