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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 18 Feb '10 03:59
    This under 1800 tournament includes 12 international players and 12 Canadian players. The field is evenly matched and there should be some interesting encounters.

    Please follow the results and share your thoughts on who you think will win. Good luck to all!
  2. 07 Mar '10 17:28
    The Canadian International is well underway with some tough battles. The Canadians are doing well in the early stages.

    Here is an early report of results:

    Group 1 - no results yet.
    Group 2 - sbacat (USA) and vorgod (Denmark) each with 3 points
    Group 3 - historybites (Canada) wins the group despite being the lower rated player
    Group 4 - mischas (Canada) is in the lead with 6 points, snjortp (Denmark) and Muxagata (Brazil)
    are tied with 3 points
    Group 5 - PBE6 (Canada) is in the lead with 3 points
    Group 6 - AttilaTheHorn (Canada) has won this group with 10 points.
    Group 7 - No results
    Group 8 - Osbert of Arden (Canada) is in the early lead with 3 points
  3. 31 Mar '10 18:18
    Group 1 still no results to report.
    Group 2 is won by Robert Matheson of Canada with 3 wins and 1 loss
    Group 3 is won by underdog historybites of Canada with 3 wins and 1 loss
    Group 4 is won by mischas of Canada with a perfect 4 wins
    Group 5 sees besaswp of the Phillipines in the lead with 2 wins and 2 games remaining
    Group 6 is won by AttilaTheHorn of Canada with 3 wins and 1 draw
    GRoup 7 sees John McRow of Brazil in the lead with 3 wins and 1 game remaining
    Group 8 is won by jayo of the USA with 3 wins and 1 loss