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  1. 03 Dec '03 15:25
    I have just heard the worse news ever. I have to go an visit my inlaws for Christmas. Not only that but I am going to be away for the whole week which means I am going to be timed out for sure on half my games.

    On my own personal games I will beg / bribe / grovel for them not to time me out. I propose a bit of christmas spirit and that over the christmas period the auto-time out function on tournamnets be wavered.

    What is the general feeling on this?

    P.S. Belive me if I could get out of going to the inlaws I would but the argument being that I need to stay and play chess is not getting me anywhere
  2. 03 Dec '03 15:26
    P.P.S I also wanted to wish all my fellow Pawn Stars and merry merry chrsitmas and happy new year
  3. Standard member Coletti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    04 Dec '03 00:21
    Timeouts are automatic. 😕

    Try to get to a library while on vacation. That's what I am going to do.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    04 Dec '03 17:38
    I will make sure the auto-timeout script is not run over the Xmas period. [I had planned to do this all along – but it looks like a good time to announce it now]

    I will probably run it for the last time on Dec 24th, and not again until Jan 2nd.

    As for manual timeouts, well, that just depends on an individuals Christmas spirit...


    BTW : A week at the in-laws over Christmas? That is harsh. Same happened to me a few years back, but in that week of boredom (there wasn't even a pub within walking distance) I started writing the prototype for a chess website...
  5. 05 Dec '03 08:42
    Thanks Russ

    Hope you have a good Christmas