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  1. Donationwillatkins
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    22 Jul '02
    12 Nov '02 23:07
    So, would it be fair to claim a TO against Rhymester, even though he
    said he was going on vacation? Just a question.
  2. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    13 Nov '02 00:11
    In private games!!! It's up to you. In tournament games, It's still up
    to you. I cant advise you here. I'm not impartial. I'm fighting a MAP
    War with Andrew. Chuckle!!! Chuckle!! Yeah Claim the timeout.
    (Joking) He's a friend and if it is not a tournament game, I would not
    do it. But it is still up to you. What do you consider fair? Andrew will be
    back on the 16th.
    King of MAP
  3. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    13 Nov '02 12:09
    I would suggest waiting for him - we all know he will make up for lost
    time the moment he gets back - so I wouldn't expect him to hold the
    tournaments up.

    BTW I still haven't released the fix for claiming timout wins against
    people who haven't even moved. This will be coming tonight. (with
    any luck)

  4. DonationDr. Brain
    Wizard of Darkness
    Close to a Beer
    14 Aug '01
    13 Nov '02 15:04
    Yes wait for Andrew to get back.The R in Rhymester is as much part of
    this site as the R in RHP.

  5. Joined
    27 Feb '02
    13 Nov '02 21:58
    Well, since he asked in the first place...ok.

    But, to reiterate, for the future, I think TOs should be stuck to in
    tournaments, regardless of circumstances-- in the interests of equity,
    and in the interests of keeping things moving along.

    Certainly I don't think the prominence on the site of the person in
    question should play any role in the decision.

    IMO, this is why they should be automatic in tournaments-- people
    can always find reasons to make exceptions.

  6. Dieren, Holland
    14 Sep '02
    13 Nov '02 22:33
    I agree that in tourneys TO's should be automatic.
  7. Joined
    20 Feb '02
    13 Nov '02 07:40
    I will not be claiming the TO against him in the Alpha - Duel
    Tournament since he asked me not to. As this is a one-on-one
    competition - this decision only effects me, so as long as we do not
    hold up the rest of the tournament I do not see this as unfair on the
    other players in this particular competition. As Vaknso said it comes
    down to your call. Probably things like this should have been
    automatic as part of the tourny set up

    Andrew :o)
  8. Donationwillatkins
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    22 Jul '02
    13 Nov '02 13:21
    I was just checking. Everyone seemed out for blood on TO's. I told
    him I would not, and will keep my word. I just wanted to see what
    some would say.
  9. Joined
    20 Feb '02
    13 Nov '02 13:59
    If he had not asked me specifically not too, I would have claimed it :o)
  10. DonationGENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    Charleston SC
    23 Jun '01
    14 Nov '02 23:18
    I claimed timeouts on two games and to my opponents I am truely
    sorry but we all knew what we were signing up for when we signed up.
    Rhymester didnt lose any ratings points since he didnt start the
    games but he did not get any tourney points either..

  11. DonationGENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    Charleston SC
    23 Jun '01
    14 Nov '02 03:29
    I agree but to my knowledge Rhymester is not in the quick fire
    tourney so how could there even be a claim win sheild? I do however
    believe that even though he signed up for the tournament knowing
    that he was going on vacation would essentially leave him open to
    haveing many timeouts claimed against him. Im sorry for this post
    Andrew ( when you get back) but I am going to claime every move
    timeout I can in tournament games. As my father the great king
    Vaknso stated earlier I will not claim in private games but
    tournaments are to be bound by certain rules and this seems to be
    one of them.

  12. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    15 Nov '02 03:11
    Guys this is a money involved but for people
    who are using this place to get ready for OTB tourneys and such the
    rules MUST apply. I like Andrew very much and in a personal game
    with him I would never TO him...but this is a different story.

    Trust me when it is all said and done eveyone will always be
    friends...there will be no love lost on anyone's part. Russ even put a
    disclaimer up in the tourney sign up about vacations and such.

    If they signed up they AGREED to the terms of the tourney...simple as

    If I forget to make a move I EXPECT someone to take it in a
    TOURNEY game. I will go "Damn Dave...oh well..lets see if we can't get
    it back"

    Tournaments are for alot of things..they are for fun (when no money
    is involved---although I think Russ should put up some RHP
    merchandise as prizes for 1-2-3 places..might boost
    subscriptions)...they are to make new friends...and they are for seeing
    who can not only be the best..but most resourceful.

    Do you all realize the research I have put into this? I have reviewed
    every top guy in here and have taken all of their favorite variations
    they like to play and spent an extra 6 hours at work the other night
    and printed off 1176 pages of games dealing with our players
    compared to GM games stemming from their openings....not to
    mention the games I have already in my data bases.

    I am here to have fun...but to try and win as well...slip and I will land
    on you...walk by and I will trip you...I expect you to play the same
    against me. Once again...Nice guys finish last.

    Just My 0.02

  13. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    15 Nov '02 05:59
    Once again. We are forging a new ground with Red Hot Pawn
    tournaments.I've claimed timeout on two players today. Am I proud of
    the games? No! I did not have to work for them. I am proud of the
    draw I got with T-1000 in the quick fire tournament.
    I have gotten tired of seing all the whining about losing due to
    timeout. In non-tournament games I have waithe at times up to two
    weeks extra. This is new ground for us all. Several of my opponents in
    discussing timeout for the tournament agree with me that timeout
    should be automatic and not left up to each individual players. This is
    not my site. It belongs to Russ and Chrismo. My position is clear. I will
    claim timeout in tournament games when the flag comes up. I dont
    care too much for the points or winning in the tourney. I just want to
    put an end to the bickering about losing due to timeout. After all what
    does anyone lose? I lose more sleep trying to beat T-1000 than I do
    about the result of any tournament. Cheers Mark.......
    King of MAP
    PS: Andrew, I'm sure we'll chat when you get back..
  14. Joined
    20 Feb '02
    15 Nov '02 07:00

    As you feel so strongly on this and have given the lead, and as we
    need to have a standard policy I have TO'd Andrew (Rhymester) in the
    Aplha Duel competition. I am sure he will be OK with this.

  15. Joined
    01 Nov '01
    15 Nov '02 15:18
    I agree that in tournaments, TOs should be claimed. Should also be
    clearly stated at the time of sign up.

    It would be easier if this was automatic - would remove any guilt
    someone might have doing it.

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