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  1. Standard member mateulose
    Look, it's a title!
    03 Jan '05 20:35
    Ok Russ, I know the tournameent has some last minute finishes and cannot be viewed yet, but I'm a little curious of the suspicious setup of my games. Are we playing each guy in our pool once and it randomizes what color we have? For example, I have 25 2005 champ games, but in only 4 OF THEM I am white, the rest, black. Will I get a chance to play these guys with white later, or I'm I stuck with trying to win 85% of my games with the black peices? Even the Ironman's of the world might find this somewhat on the overly challenging side, to win with nothing but black everytime, and IMHO, if this is the case, randomizing what color you play is perhabs even worse then randomizing the seeding.

    I won't whine about it, I am good with black and I'm up for the challenge, but others will certainly be furious over this if they get 85% black games, like myself, and never get to play white.
  2. Standard member mateulose
    Look, it's a title!
    03 Jan '05 20:38
    Ooops, MY BAD! I thought I had nothing but black games because it all flashed "your move" in most of my games, but it turns out everyone logged on before me to start the tourney. Man, these guys play real fast, should be interesting. My bad, delete the thread, it's not cannon.
  3. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    03 Jan '05 20:39
    Originally posted by mateulose in a different thread
    Personally I kinda like the randomization aspect. Is it fluky? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. Is it fun? Hell yes. With the randomization, with a little luck, weaker players sometimes get the chance to advance to round 2 and face off some of the best RHP players. This gives them very good tournament and chess experience they could probably o ...[text shortened]... with RHP legends.
    make it interesting/surprising, shake things up A LITTLE.
  4. Standard member Ravello
    The RudeĀ©
    03 Jan '05 20:39
    Originally posted by mateulose
    I won't whine about it.
    You're already doing it.