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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 14 Feb '04 03:53
    I joined the Beta Quickfire Rookie Duel tournament for under 1300 players. My rating when I signed
    up was p1200. I have now finished my first 5 games (non-tournament) and my rating went up to
    p1400 which is too high. What happens now? Am I out of the tournament automatically, or should
    I quit? Or do I still get to play since my rating is provisional?
  2. 14 Feb '04 03:57
    OK, another game just finished and my rating is now p1426. I think I should really be out of the tournament, but the thing is, I could lose a bunch of games and quickly find myself back under 1300.
    I'm sure this situation must have come up before. Is there a tournament director I should be talking
  3. 14 Feb '04 04:03
    what ever your rating is at the exact moment you try to enter a torney can enter if inside the rating limits...if it goes up after you enter can still participate in that tornament even tohugh it is above the the max rating