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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    11 Oct '02 08:17
    The first tournament is coming to a close - one game remains!

    The latest results are:
    NogoodamI and Amnell draw.

    Simon McMahon and I each won one of our games. I enjoyed both
    and hope Simon did too.

    So the current tourney results are: ROW 41.5 and USA 17.5

  2. Standard member PawnKing
    The King of Pawn
    11 Oct '02 12:42

    Looks like a resounding victory for ROW.

    Maybe the next tourney could be Europe Vs ROW ?

    Thanks for everyone who took part !! It was a great tourney

  3. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    11 Oct '02 14:09

    Hell we were taken behing the woodshed!!

    Good play by all though! And yes it was fun!

  4. 13 Oct '02 20:46
    The games were good fun. Thanks mate.

    There seems to be several tourneys happening now and its a bit
    tough to figure out which is which. How come the home page does not
    list active tourneys and results ?

  5. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    13 Oct '02 21:37
    So far the tourneys have all been "unofficial", ie just put together by interested people (mainly
    Dave, Sin, John, etc). For instance, the tourney pages have been efforts of both John (Vaknso) and
    myself. Because the tourneys are somewhat ad hoc, RHP hasn't been able to take on the task of
    "officially" running them. (RHP has been tremendously supportive, for instance they provided some
    PHP computer code that made it much easier for me to track the games on my tourney sites, and
    have in general enthusiastically supported the tournament efforts.)

    However, the rumors are that this may change soon, with Russ and Chris adding some official
    tournament features. That will be great. I will put a plug in here - if you have any ideas about
    how/what would be nice features for the tournament sites, please post them. Part of what is needed
    seems to be a list of tourney features to include.

  6. 13 Oct '02 21:44
    you have done a terriffic job, Michael, far beyond what anybody could
    expect. If RHP was to take over your efforts, that will be great. With
    my information systems backgound, I can safely say: whatever your
    recommendations are, they will probably very sound. Thanks again.