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  1. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    07 Nov '02 01:45
    Well folks, the final game in the Donadoni Tournament ended. Astevenson,
    playing for the Rest of the World, defeated GENIEJML. This brings the final
    score to 42.5 points for the ROW team and 17.5 points for the USA team.

    Congratulations to everyone who played, it was a terrific tournament,
    Hopefully, in addition to fine chess play, many fine friendships and
    acquaintances were started; indeed I hope this is as much the legacy of the
    tournament as the games themselves.

    And congratulations to Sintubin and the members of the ROW team for a job well
  2. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    07 Nov '02 02:23
    Thanks did a HELL of alot for it!!

    And did you see my post in General...looks like might be coming up
    to Seattle on Saturday for the game...kick me over an email!!