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  1. Standard memberNicolaiS
    07 Apr '03
    17 Mar '04 11:56
    The last tournement of 2003 started on december 31st and as the leader of the DUNE clan I am proud to have a sponsored tour running. The first round of the tournement is almost done and allready some mighty nice player have made it into the second round (and no I am not one of them).

    A summary of players who have made it:
    Matt Hortin (pretty new to the site)
    Colleman (my dear friend of the Fun clan)
    Akizy (who inspired me to read more about chess and improve my game)
    Quirine (who I would really want to play someday)
    Divideby (who crushed me in two previous matches)
    Godzilla (the name alone scares me to play against you)
    Baca (David Tebbs greatest threath to the number one position)
    cbd (haven't had the pleasure of meeting you)
    Adje (same as above)
    Gjengeda (same as above)
    Jonas Grumby ( same as above)
    Claretnblue (same as above)
    Tequila (thanks for your ingame chess advice)
    LevonB (Crushed me in the tour)
    Neldo (also crushed me in the tour)
    Marhoog (Really would like to play you once)

    Four other players can make it to the second round: Lizard King, Skeeter, Seadevil and Zipdrive nightmare. Good luck to the five of you. You would make a great contribution to the second round.

    I would like to thank everybody for competing in this tour. I will watch the matches closely.