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  1. Donationlegionnaire
    Free Thinker
    New York City
    22 Mar '02
    09 Dec '02 18:07
    Hi, sorry if this has been covered already, but a quick readthrough of
    existing threads in this forum didn't really help.

    I'm interested in maybe joining the new year's tournament (so what if
    I get beat, it should still be fun!) but I'm not sure of what the
    rules/guidelines are for playing.

    Is there an FAQ somewhere dedicated to this, so that I don't need to
    bother players already here?

    If not, could someone just do a quick rundown of how the
    tournaments work here? Like are they timed, are the games
    administered through the site or is additional software required, what
    are the rules on time outs, how are people matched up, etc.?

    Thanks, and looking forward to playing some great matches!

  2. Joined
    29 Jul '01
    09 Dec '02 21:00
    Hello Mike,

    Most of the answers to your questions can be got from clicking on
    the "tournaments" icon near the top. On that page it tells you the
    name of each tournament, the timeout setting, whether the
    tournament is still open for new entrants, group size and so on.

    As for the other things:-

    No additional software is required; they just fit into "your games" like
    all your other games. The tournament games have a little symbol by
    them to denote that they are tournament games (funnily enough!).

    Timeouts were not automatically enforced in the first few tournaments,
    although a general concensus did get formed that if "claim win" came
    up in a tournament game then it would be taken. Indeed, I believe
    there was talk of making it an automatic win the second someone
    timed out.

    At the moment people are matched up according to rating. So in each
    group you typically would get 4 players with ratings of 1750, 1500,
    1300 and 1150. There may be tournaments in the future where each
    group is drawn randomly, or perhaps tournaments for specific rating

    Any other questions then ask away!

  3. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    13 Dec '02 12:18

    Just a big thanks for providing forum responses like that.
    First class. 🙂