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  1. DonationLuck
    St Maarten, Neth Ant
    21 Jun '02
    31 Dec '02 18:571 edit
    I am taking a few days off from chess. I have just played chess the last six days and probably pretty well to be preformed by me!!! LOL

    I do aplologize for the MWEST and KETCHUPLOVER because I did claim T/O wins in the Quick Fire II tournament games (I did claim a T/O in another game, but I believe that would have won that game in any case)! I did it because I knew that I would be unable to play from December 31 through January 3rd. I did try to finish as many games as possible, which I did.

    T/O victims, challenge me so you can get your revenge! I did remove the block for the challenges, but remember, I will start to play on late Friday night again!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Let's hope for real peaceful and safe new year 2003!


    a.k.a. Luck