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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 28 May '07 22:49
    Is there ever any way for a non-subscriber to enter a tournament? Someone mentioned that this was a possibility in answering a question of mine about an unrelated topic. Thanks.
  2. Standard member Peakite
    29 May '07 00:08
    Very rarely and with limited numbers of places.
  3. 30 May '07 16:20
    If it's possible then I highly recommend subscribing. You'll never regret it!!!
  4. 30 May '07 20:10
    Thanks for the tip. I'm very tempted. I almost never buy on-line services of any kind and I'm very frugal. Plus I'm wary of getting overloaded or addicted. So I'll probably play a few dozen games slowly before I join. The tournaments look fun.