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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation fexkorn
    16 Aug '02 13:06
    One thing I would like to change for any future tournaments is to have
    them w/ shorter timeouts...3 day or even 1 day. Ideally we could do it
    in real time w/ rhp live if the download is not too big a deal and the
    bugs are worked out.
    In this tournament I find myself actually hoping jgvaccaro doesn't
    move in the next 3 days because if I don't time him out, our games
    could go months!
    Just my thoughts,
  2. 16 Aug '02 15:43
    Franklin, bear in mind that this is correspondence chess. My longest
    running game in my list was started aprill, 22nd, and I don't see the
    end in the first 10 moves! And this is not an exception.
    Maybe this is also a factor that makes people play stronger: the
    capability of letting the position 'sink in' for hours, days, before
    actually studying and making the new move. Sin.