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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 23 Mar '12 07:08

    The hardcore tournaments are great. 21 opponents in 21 days time bank. 40 games in hardcore fashion for us fast movers.

    I would like to suggest some additional ones if you can.

    Banded hardcore tournaments or smaller hardcore tournaments.
    I mean I think it will still be just as fun to have a Duel hardcore tournament or an Octet one or anyone where there are different rounds.

    A big group is great but when one or 2 strong players join the fold it makes us "weaker" players just being also-rans for 40 games.

    So please if you will, bring us some banded or smaller group size hardcore tournaments.

    Thanks 🙂
  2. 23 Mar '12 11:52
    Keep an eye out for the banded 0/1 splits - they are good fun.

    They used to be 2 groups of 12 (22 games) but recently its 2 groups of 6 (10 games first round)
  3. 24 Mar '12 22:48
    i think you mean 1/0? If so I have played them. Still suggesting 0 timebank groups though 🙂
  4. 26 Mar '12 21:05
    oh yeah - it is 1/0 isn't it.
    A 0 (move) 1 day total time-bank would be a quick match!

    Well I agree with your suggestion for some banded hardcore, and with a smaller group size. I think a group size from 6 up to about 10 or 12 would work well.
    21 is a bit crazy!
  5. 06 Apr '12 22:19
    someone high up must read this please 🙂
  6. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    08 Apr '12 05:20
    I wouldn't count on that. Suggest you start a thread in Site Ideas, if it gets a response it will be seen there.