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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 26 Jul '07 13:02
    Who do I contact in order to get a new tourney started? It seems I am never able to get in on a 1400-1500 tournament, but there always are 1600+ tourneys or 1300 and below tourneys available. Thanks!
  2. 26 Jul '07 13:23
    send feeedback at the bottom of every page, say you want a banded 1400-1500 tournament.
  3. 26 Jul '07 13:28
    Thanks! I will do that today.
  4. 26 Jul '07 14:05
    send me a postcard...i will leave it on my desk for consideration...then go to your mailbox and wait...bring, bring alot of lunch...bring a blanket too as winter is coming...
  5. 26 Jul '07 15:38
    You know, I was thinking about doing that, but, then I realized, I don't have any fresh blankets, the cupboard is bare, so no lunch, and...I am fresh out of postcards. Aarrgghh!!!
  6. 27 Jul '07 00:30
    ..thank you for the public statement ( your avatar ) of He who is among us...but i will not give you a break in a game or in the repartee of the forums because of this...but i appreciate those who stand up for the christian trinity of the one true god...(but i do have a soft place in my heart for the non-muslim asian and south-asian views of god)...i have developed a very marked dark attitude against islam...god bless charles martel and his victory at bought us time...until the final war...( a war within islam...not against it...and god bless the jews...i am not one...but god chose them as the voice to mankind )...and i dearly love he mormons, and all the old german protestants sects...