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  1. Standard member derek9037
    Elder Statesman
    09 Oct '03 10:26
    With a tournament having multiple rounds (for example the Birds Opening Tournament) how long would you expect it to go on for? Whats been the longest duration single tournament in the past?
  2. 09 Oct '03 10:54 / 1 edit
    It depends on the number of players in the tournament and the time-out setting. The more players there are, and the greater the TO period, the longer the tournament will last.

    The longest tournament I know of, and which is still going on, is 'One Hundred to One'. It has 100 players (obviously!) and a 7 day TO. It started in November 2002 and the second round is nearly complete. With one more round after that, I expect the tournament will be over by the spring of 2004. So it should last a total of about 18 months.

    The Bird Theme tournament has 156 players, and a 7 Day TO. With the same TO setting as '100-1', but with 50% more players, it's reasonable to assume it will last 50% longer.
    So my guess is it will last at least 2 years.

  3. Standard member derek9037
    Elder Statesman
    09 Oct '03 11:13 / 1 edit
    Thanks David, I had an idea it would be a long haul as some players are utilising the 7 day T/O to it's full advantage 😴

    And before I'm jumped on - theres nothing wrong in that 😛