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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 31 Oct '02 13:25
    Just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to Iain (he's my tournament opponent, hasn't
    moved for over a week)?
  2. 31 Oct '02 15:45
    Hes offshore I think.
  3. 31 Oct '02 23:52
    Thanks. I don't suppose you know how long for do you?
  4. 01 Nov '02 19:13
    Maybe for another week or two.
  5. 03 Nov '02 17:45
    I wasn't aware of that. This is one of the Baker games yes. I've emailed the result of our first
    game to our TD (mommyofthetwojps), but was waiting for the second game to finish before posting
    the results here.
  6. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    03 Nov '02 19:09
  7. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    03 Nov '02 19:14
    Game 98269 Iain vs Novaboy result 0-1
    Game 97413 Novaboy vs Iain result 1-0 Timeout.

    Novaboy go ahead and claim the timeout. Official Tournament results
    will reflect a win in your favor. You will move on to round two in your
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
  8. 03 Nov '02 21:48
    Well, thanks to you two of course. This is a little sad though because Iain has just returned from
    wherever and made a move. I will pass on these judgements to him, but I'll finish the game we
    have going (as 'post–tournament' of course) rather than take the time out. Dean

    John – looking forward very much to this, all the best to you too.
  9. Donation kirksey957
    04 Nov '02 02:14
    So who do you play in the next round? I thought we might be paired
    up next. Kirk
  10. Donation kirksey957
    04 Nov '02 02:28
    Should we go ahead and start? Kirk
  11. Donation kirksey957
    04 Nov '02 02:33
    Never mind, I get it now.