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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    10 Nov '04 15:58
    Come on y'all. Enter the blasted thing. If we don't show up, those Northern types will started colonising our tourny.

    Remember it is a duel tourny, so you only get two new games per round.

    Nothing to fear, so ENTER!
  2. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    11 Nov '04 02:19
    Meanwhile there are some distinctly NON-Southern flags in there. I'm wondering if we need to interrogate a few people about a) their whereabouts and b) their grasp of geography.
  3. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    11 Nov '04 03:18
    Even more shameful than the Grand Continent Tournaments earlier this year. You'd think people would know which half of the globe they're in, still they've got a 50/50 chance of being right just by guessing! 🙄
  4. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    11 Nov '04 08:24
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    11 Nov '04 16:08
    I will start this one over the weekend if interest doesn't pick up.

  6. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    13 Nov '04 01:38
    Well,now people in this tourny is just going silly,changing flags to enter or even with a danish or USA flag............
  7. 13 Nov '04 23:04
    Okay, despite being out of my league I will join from Chile.
  8. Standard member Freddie2008
    9 Edits
    14 Nov '04 12:09
    isnt antarctica IN the southern hemisphere?
  9. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    14 Nov '04 13:51
    Can't you see some irony in the thread title?
  10. Standard member Crowley
    Not Aleister
    15 Nov '04 09:15
    Name Southern Hemisphere Duel
    Description Flags must be on to enter - please only enter if located in the Southern Hemisphere

    Cheshire Cat
    chess kid1

    10 people in the wrong tourney...
  11. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    15 Nov '04 13:23
    Originally posted by Crowley

    10 people in the wrong tourney...
    As I feared. We are being colonised.:'(
  12. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    15 Nov '04 14:27 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Gatecrasher
    As I feared. We are being colonised.:'(
    Well,guess what? I'll enter and see if with 32 entrants the tourny will start..............COLONISE!!!!!