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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation kirksey957
    02 Sep '02 21:41
    Finally...finally....the Lady Chablis has won a tournement game (that
    would be me, Kirk). Great game Alain. What next , John? I'm not
    sure which of us gets what color. Kirk
  2. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    02 Sep '02 21:49
    Game results noted. Kirk you get white in the tie-breaker. You were
    rated lower on signup.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
    Ps: Please post tie-breaker game number.
  3. Donation kirksey957
    02 Sep '02 21:55
    HAving trouble initiating the game. Alain, could you send it over and
    see if that works, Thanks, Kirk
  4. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    02 Sep '02 22:29
    I see you have a game with Alain 10453. Looks like it has been in
    progressed for a while. I dont believe this will count as a tie-breaker
    game since it seems to have started before the end of your two
    tournament games. Give me time to work this out. Dave, Yoohoo!!
    Can you help here.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
  5. Donation kirksey957
    02 Sep '02 23:05
    You are correct and I just assumed that this was not a tournement
    game because it was started without the other being finished and the
    unspoken understanding that it was just another game. He did send
    over a game with me being white and I feel that this should be the
    tournement game. Just trying to keep it kosher. Kirk
  6. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    02 Sep '02 23:09
    Kirk what is the game number. The tie-breaker game.
  7. Donation kirksey957
    02 Sep '02 23:11
  8. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    03 Sep '02 02:34
    Tie-breaker game noted.
    Thanks Kirk.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  9. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    04 Sep '02 02:37
    Well handled John...good luck kirk and Alain.

    KO TD
  10. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    04 Sep '02 03:25
    Thanks Dave,
    I'm having as much fun working with the tournament as I have in
    my games.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational