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Tournaments Forum

  1. 26 Jan '05 23:37
    can trackhead please explain why he entered this tournament as he is a 1000 points better than anyone else in the tournament just because at the time his rating allowed this it was only because he had been away for 2 months it is not fair on all the players who was also elligible for this tournament as it was a fair tournament without him i think he should do the honourable thing and leave the tournament
  2. 27 Jan '05 14:08
    I agree with you, because it would allow me to play the 2nd round 😀 !!
    But...there will be 9 players in the second round with a rating of 1059 - 1413. I think there will be 2 groups (4 and 5) players. If Treakhead is in the group of 5 he will play 8 games but he won't get any ratingpoints for his wins. A win on a 1444-1639 player will only give him ONE ratingpoint :'( . So he can better compete with higher rated players. And the same will happen in the final round, so 12 or 14 games to play and no ratingpoints to win (and probably no points to lose) unless one of the players is up to 1444!!
    So I think he will withdraw from this tournament.
  3. 27 Jan '05 15:36
    no but he will have a tournament victory he is not bothered about the ratings or he wouldnt have entered