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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member schweigi
    Member of Gonzo Clan
    16 Jul '03 15:27
    Maybe we need some fixed time for people to enter a tournament ... the Moakt is open for some time now and it looks like Russ and Chrismo are waiting until it is full.

    Maybe there should be introduced a period of time to enter a tournament (e.g. You have to enter the tournament until July 15th at 12 pm GMT.) This would allow us to have a fixed starting time ... some people that are enlisted don`t seem to play at the moment (e.g. Symslov Cham) ...

    Just an idea
  2. 17 Jul '03 22:37
    Here is an idea. Let the people vote. If the tournament has not started by the 20th of July then let everyone pull out. Bit of pushmepullyou.