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  1. Subscriberetecka
    Praha, CZ
    09 Feb '03
    30 Mar '04 14:07
    Is there really such a big demand for tournaments with 3d or less T/O? What about new tournaments for players who prefer 7d T/O?
  2. Standard memberflexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    18 Aug '03
    30 Mar '04 14:18

    yes the demand is huge, it is much more successful format,

    but i see your point, some players only play on weekends, they must have 7 day timeout regardless of timebank,
    such tournaments need to be only a single round because some games will last a very very long time.
  3. Standard memberColetti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    State of Franklin
    13 Aug '03
    30 Mar '04 17:57

    How far away are you from letting people sponsor tournaments? Is that a future option? Maybe you'd need a gold member subscription.

    One live site I play at has a few select people who can start and run tournaments - I think they "sponsor" the tournaments. I think they are long-term members who have been giving special priveleges due to their good character loyalty to the site. I don't know if running tournaments is time consuming, or if letting someone else run them is even feasible. And I'm not volunteering! But I know there are many players here that have the respect of many members - and it might be fun it see what they would do.
  4. Joined
    19 Feb '02
    31 Mar '04 07:13
    I would also like very much 7 day t/o tournaments. While I may move faster in practice, getting a lot of 3 day t/o games at once causes me some problems so now and then. Although with the timebank things are less urgent and I am able to manage it.

  5. Felicific Forest
    15 Dec '02
    03 Apr '04 20:51

    I'm also waiting to join 7 day t/o tournaments .... they have the time out period I like best. You can study chapters in a chessbook that deal with say the Isolated Queen Pawn, if you got such a position on the board in one of your games. To study game related subjects (endgames!) is one of the reasons why I play correspondence chess, that's part of the fun ..... but I'm still waiting .......
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