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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    29 Mar '07 20:39
    The idea of tournaments really interests me, unfortunately, at this moment I can't subscribe. What I'm wondering is if it would be against the site rules to create a tournament for non members, and just organize it from my desk, rather than the site, as members can.

    I'd just get 16 or so people to PM me, and I'd do a draw and everything from home, and post information on the forums or whatever.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    29 Mar '07 21:05 / 1 edit
    Ok well, no one has said much, I'm just gonna assume it's alright.

    Anyone who wants to join, PM me. 16 players only (for simplicities sake), and I'm one of them.

    First 15 PM's I recieve are playing, we'll play 3 and 7 to keep the games moving.

    This is just a test, lets see how this goes.
  3. Standard member Lolette
    5. f3
    29 Mar '07 21:27
    I dont think it against the rules. goodluck

  4. 30 Mar '07 16:23
    I'm up for that!
  5. Standard member youwillfall
    Worlds Worst Speler
    16 Apr '07 23:16
    pfft mat genius (i am not espesialy with spelling and chess)

    I want in the next one just too c how fast i can lose 🙂
  6. 17 Apr '07 03:45
    Count me in for the tourney as well!!
  7. 17 Apr '07 23:03 / 1 edit
    i would like to play. I know my rating is low, but that is beecause I just signed up. The chess club i'm in recommended I do so and I am really good. 🙂
  8. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    19 Apr '07 01:07
    Sorry I forgot to post .. The active thread about the tournament is in the Chess Only forum.
  9. 30 Apr '07 21:21
    I'll play
  10. 30 Apr '07 22:02
    Ill play 😉
  11. 03 May '07 00:32
    Sure, why not
  12. 10 May '07 23:07
    i'll play
  13. 22 May '07 13:32
    If you are still looking for players, I would be interested.
  14. 31 May '07 21:23
    I would like in 🙂
  15. 02 Jun '07 10:28
    And me, if there is empty position :-)