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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 02 May '08 03:06
    How come thwere is some non subs who have won tournaments and are able to play siege.... Does their rating matter in that case?? I have notice at least ten, then I stopped counting...

    I don't understand... I would like to try the features of this site like these guys!
  2. 02 May '08 03:18
    Those players were subscribers at some time. That is also why some non-subscribers have more than 6 games in progress.
  3. 05 May '08 11:06
    but is it possible to play in a tournament without being a subscriber cause I don't want to become a subscriber :'( cause it cost $ and I have no $😠😠😠 can u help me😞
  4. 05 May '08 13:34
    you can lay in un-official tournies - you'll get no recognition excet from the players who played - but you will know - that's all that matters
  5. 08 May '08 01:25 / 1 edit
    @kiillbill - If you have a hankering for some tournaments, get yourself a subscription (says the non-sub scum). Seriously, man, it's only $30 a year. Save your soda pop money for a month, or skip a couple of pizzas. Heck, mow a couple of lawns.