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Tournaments Forum

  1. 22 Aug '02 00:28
    Am I correct that if both players win one game then there will be a
    thrid playoff game? What if the thrid game is a draw, and all of the
    next games are draws? This can go on for infinity.Would the younger
    player win because the older player dies and can't move. Then the
    survivor can win with a timeout. Just a thought I had. I'm trying to
    move fast before this happens to me.
  2. 22 Aug '02 00:34
    That was somewhat my droll sense of humor. But what is the rule on
    ties and draws?
  3. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    22 Aug '02 02:50
    Very good question. You are playing a tie breaker. I'm not all sure
    about the correct answer. Let us wait till Dave or someone familiar with
    tournament rules lets us know. My guess is that you play till one dies
    of old age. LOL.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational
    PS: The beauty of a well matched game. Both players enjoy it to the
  4. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    22 Aug '02 00:41
    I'll try to not die on you to soon! LOL You are playing well and know
    you are close to winning. Thanks for the great games. :o)

    Doug (Flash)
  5. 23 Aug '02 21:23
    Don't psych yourself out Doug. You're playing a fine game also. That
    king in the corner still has me wondering. Later, after our play, I will
    enjoy a better player looking at that and let me know what I could
    have done. Daniel
  6. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    24 Aug '02 02:07
    Our games have been interesting and well played by you. They are
    not quite going the way I expected, but I have enjoyed playing you!
    Looking forward to how it will all end.


  7. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    22 Aug '02 03:40
    If every one remembers correctly this sort of thing happened in the
    Kasparov - Karpov matches and one they even just quit due to so
    many draws...I really doubt this will happen though.

    If so we might institute 3 day TO's and maybe a few other things.

    KO TD
  8. 23 Aug '02 21:25
    Dave, What about a real time blitz game with about 60 seconds to
    move. Daniel
  9. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    24 Aug '02 02:28
    Nope...this was based upon correspondance chess and that is how it
    will stay.

    KO TD