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    11 Jul '09
    03 Sep '09 04:03
    Hello, I am planning to open plenty of tournaments for my new club.
    Club 236, So go out there....

    there will be big tournaments, which will be all vs all. (not sure about that. )

    Thematic tournaments, any game that is part of that one must start by the move imposed, we will ask some goodwill from member to do that, the first move will be decided. the tournament will go by groups of 4.

    about the thematic, the players would find themselves playing normal opening like the caro-Kann, or very sharp one.

    Unique, thematic tournament where players will get the chance to try opening that they will nearly never see in their life.

    And there will normal tournaments too.

    I also intend to run non-suscriber tournament.

    So, join ,Club 236 have fun with everyone else.