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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 11 Apr '03 11:32
    Even though it is not quite over congratulations are in order for Feivel for achieving a 100% record, quite a feat I think when you are trying to play 30 games under time pressure.

    Good fun, if tiring keeping up!
  2. 11 Apr '03 14:19
    It wasn't easy. Now this 100% was in round 1. If I don't end up winning the tournament, I will not feel too good 🙂

    Amici Sumus

  3. Standard member Varg
    11 Apr '03 14:19 / 1 edit
    Yeah, congratulations Feivel.
    It was a good competition, if a little hectic.
    I lost some games I shouldn't have, but I think I won some I shouldn't have too 😉

    PS. Feivel - I think there is only one round.
  4. 11 Apr '03 19:36
    In that case...congratulations on narroly surviving Feivel 🙂

    Amici Sumus