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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    05 Nov '02 12:29
    I have now completed the tournament code and will try to make it live
    tonight, but probably tomorrow night. It is a very difficult thing to
    test, so those who sign up to play in one of the 3 initial tournaments
    that I create must be aware that the odd problem might occur.

    Once the tournaments have progressed a couple of rounds, I will
    make it a fully integrated part of the site. I will post a link here for
    the sign up page here either tonight or tomorrow. (there will be no
    other link)

    Remember, there can be only one winner - prepare to do battle!

  2. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    05 Nov '02 13:53
    Thanks Russ,
    Looking forward to testing it.
    King of MAP
  3. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    05 Nov '02 15:27
    My sentiments exactly.

  4. 05 Nov '02 14:11
    I will be glad to join. Thanks for all the work you've done.
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    05 Nov '02 22:31
    Not tonight. I’ve drunk too much beer and fear I may break too much

    Tomorrow it is then…

  6. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    05 Nov '02 23:44
    Ok Russ take the evening off.
    King of Map
  7. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    07 Nov '02 00:52
    ..apart from tonight I hit a minor technical issue that I can't resolve
    immediately. So another delay. Sorry guys.

  8. 05 Nov '02 23:46
    count me in on this one thanks alot russ