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Tournaments Forum

  1. 15 May '04 21:08
    It is apparent that the tournaments prior to commencing are not involving the proper rating of players before starting the tournament.
    Case in point: Alpha Banded 3x3 1500 - 1599
    Why the following players accepted - DigitGus:1639, ROOMS2004: 1464, Paul0:1423??
    These players are taking a spot for the players who wish to play in the tournament but cannot with the proper rating.
    Can you do anything about this?
  2. 17 May '04 02:21
    I checked the ratings out. DigitGus's rating has been rising. He got in before he broke the 1600 rating. The other two have 30-day ratings in the 1500's, so they are in the tourney that they belong.
  3. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    17 May '04 23:06 / 2 edits
    DigitGus also entered the banded 1600-1699. I know 'cus I'm playing him. He's an 1800+ player who went awol for several months with timeouts ultimately destroying his rating.

    Nothing in the rules stopping him from now entering low rated tournaments. But this kind of thing does cause discontent.

    As suggested elsewhere, is there any reason why the 30-day rating cannot be based on completed games only?

  4. 18 May '04 16:48
    The ratings are based on completed games.
  5. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    18 May '04 23:43
    Originally posted by Pie1120
    The ratings are based on completed games.
    By completed games I games that are played to the end, not games that are timed out. 😀

  6. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    19 May '04 01:47
    A players eligibility to enter a tournament is worked out on their highest rating from the last 30 games/days.
  7. Standard member Natural Science
    blunderer of pawns
    19 May '04 10:56 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by marinakatomb
    A players eligibility to enter a tournament is worked out on their highest rating from the last 30 games/days.
    I don't see why someone should be penalized because they have an opponenet who can't be bothered to move according to the time control that they agreed on.

    edit: meant this to be a reply to Gatecrasher's suggestion that only games that don't end in timeouts should be counted toward rating.
  8. 19 May '04 12:46
    I agree with Gatecrasher, we are not talking about overall rating not including timeouts, but just the average for tourny entry. I think this is a fair system. I would also average over all games played on RHP. Obviously tou still have the problem of new comers to the site who have a rating on the rise, but you would reduce the number of previously higher ranked players entering tournaments at level thresholds way above their ability.

    The idea of a 1200 - 1299 tournament is to give players of this average ability a real chance of winning something, not to allow a higher ranked player who has been timed out a lot an easy victory at the cost of the hopes all the legitamate entrants.

    I was in the 1500 - 1599 tournamnet and I already know who would wim before a move was made.