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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Subscriber invigorate
    Only 1 F in Uckfield
    28 Mar '07 10:27
    I hope no-one is about to die, as this one Tournament 1460 will be a long one.

    I know that every other game in round one finished well before Christmas,

    My opponent seems to get exhilarated by leaving it to within a few hours of timeout before moving. He moves on the site daily, yet only weekly in our games.

    I appreciate it is his prerogative to move when he wants, but as far as I can see he is deliberately dragging out the games to be as long as possible, which I feel is unsporting.
  2. Subscriber invigorate
    Only 1 F in Uckfield
    28 Mar '07 11:19
    Furthermore 8 players from the original round are no longer active on the site.
  3. 31 Mar '07 01:44
    Don't feel bad. This is even worst.

    Tour 572 started on May 2005

    The player next to move has only 3 games in progress and has recently made a move but not on this tour.

    Feel better now?