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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 11 Jul '09 13:45
    Hi together,

    the club artistry made some Series of tournaments. That means folllwing:

    1. there are a number of tournaments which are a Series. For each tournaments players can collect points for a ranking-list. At the end the player with the most points is winner of the Series Cup for one year.

    2. The ranking-list is posted in the forum of the club.

    3. Each Series has a special theme, at the moement we have two Series:

    3.1 The James Bond Series - 3/7 duell-tournament - the numeber of the tournaments is equal to the number of films, each tournament has the title of a film

    3.2 The Bruce Willis Series - 7/7 octet-tournament, Number of the tournament is equal to the Die Hard Series

    Interested join our club - other Series are planed, like Star Trek, Star wars ....
  2. 12 Jul '09 08:49
    Is there is anyone interested in this art of tournaments, take a look at our Club 192 😉
  3. 17 Jul '09 19:41
    You are lookin after a big tournament event, so join our clan we play a big big Series of tournaments Club 192
  4. 07 Aug '09 00:04
    As soon we have the ability to create hardcore tournaments, we will start our Star Wars Series in our club Club 192

    Join our club and have fun with our Series of tournaments

    See you
  5. 12 Aug '09 19:59
    Good news, we play a players league in our club. Interested - take a look at my profile User 440038 and join our club 😉
  6. Standard member vatiquette
    Light Square Bishop
    13 Aug '09 13:59
    Is this a monologue? 😉
  7. 13 Aug '09 18:46 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by vatiquette
    Is this a monologue? 😉
    Now not anymore. I will tell the other subscriber in the RHP-world, what our club is doing; for recruiting new members who want to live the spirit of our club. I would call this activity Marketing for our club artistry 😉