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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member yavash
    lovin the sea breeze
    09 Jan '13 20:33
    how come there are so few tournaments that have a rating band? currently there are so many open to all - do i just miss them? though i am on every day and check
  2. 09 Jan '13 22:53
    I was wondering the same thing. I hate entering tournaments loaded with much better players and then getting spanked.
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    10 Jan '13 12:00
    I'll try to rectify this.

    If you really want one format specifically, send feedback, and we will get them up.
  4. 10 Jan '13 16:43
    Also, I really appreciated some recent tournaments with a band between 1700 and 1950. I think there are a lot of us around 1800-1900 players that have real trouble competing with 2000+ players. In particular it is nice to have just normal duels and triplets, without needing to learn a specific opening and without requiring too many added games at once.

  5. 16 Jan '13 12:54
    Has anyone sent feedback? I did. If you want more small, banded tournaments, please do as Russ asked. I miss banded duets and threesomes.....