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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation Dustnrogers
    18 Nov '02 22:20
    Sorry ryhmester...i claimed one timeout, i did this because i went for
    holidays and i didnt realized that the tournament had started...i
    missed all my games by aboue 3 and a half days and found my self
    lossing almost every single one except for about 10, and i was angry
    and figured i should be allowed to atleast get one of those games
    back...sorrie...i should have never...and thanks to the several people
    who did not claim timeouts against me, much apprecaited...!!!!!!!

  2. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    19 Nov '02 08:01
    That's OK Dustin - LOL you are one player who really knows what it
    like to be timed out ;-)