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Tournaments Forum

  1. 03 Sep '12 19:04
    Then why am I getting a message on my homepage saying they're available? Are there even any tournaments available for those of us who aren't paying money? And if so is there an easier way to find them? There should be something on the list that says it's off limits instead of having to click on each and every one until you find one that doesn't say Sorry, you are not eligible to enter this tournament.
  2. 03 Sep '12 21:42
    all the ones with yellow stars are sub-only tournaments... so yeah these all are for subs minus the occasional trial tournament.
  3. Standard member RevRSleeker
    03 Sep '12 22:29
    Bottom left gives indication of 'subscriber only' tournament....

    However, join a club and you'll find many non-sub MUTI (Club 108), if I may be so bold, offers MUCH for many non subs 🙂
    To be fair, there are at least a dozen clubs offering similar tourney's, my advice is join as many as you can and you'll always be first to hear non-sub news !
    Better still, SUBSCRIBE and play all you wish 😀
  4. 04 Sep '12 16:25
    ok, thank you