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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member cludi
    04 May '06 14:51
    Good luck to all 7 participants:
    Time Travel 2252
    Mary Ann 2129
    dsarge30 2098
    Kaoslos 1963
    rookguy 1910
    jamjamjoe 1805
    porygon 1787
  2. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    04 May '06 16:32
    It finally started?
  3. Standard member cludi
    03 Jul '06 14:04
    Originally posted by Aiko
    It finally started?
    The reason for players not joining this one was that
    many players didn't want to play Mary Ann, an engine
    which unfortunately entered this tornament.
    Now it's well underway, and it it has turned out to be
    a battle between the rating favourites TimeTravel (The Vikings member!!) and dsarge30. They've both won all their games so far and still have to decide the games between them.
    It's also worth noting that prygon has done very well. Unfortunately
    losing one game to Mary Ann before it was banned and otherwise
    no losses other than to the 2 top rated players.
  4. Standard member cludi
    06 Dec '06 10:17
    Congratulations to my clan mate, Time Travel,
    who won this tournament 1 point ahead of dsarge30 and
    Kaoslos ending in a clear 3rd spot.
    Thanks to all 6 :'( players who participated.